NCLEX-RN® 101 - How to Pass!

NCLEX-RN® 101 - How to Pass!
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This question book provides information, study tips and hundreds of practice questions to prepare you for the NCLEX-RN® and/or CGFNS® exams. Unlike any question book on the market, the book provides actual NCLEX-RN® activities reflecting nursing concepts that are tested both on the CGFNS® and the NCLEX® exams. These activities are listed in a gray box at the beginning of most chapters. Excellent exam grids to analyze your strengths and needs for growth.

The book also contains:
• A pretest that lets you know your strengths and your areas of concern.
• New alternative type questions for your practice
• Answers and rationales for correct and incorrect answers
• A simulated exam so that you will know if you’re ready 
• Two New Chapters:  Priorization AND Alternate-Item Format Questions!