Learning Program for Nursing Professionals:

Nursing and Pharmacology Text Books, NCLEX RN / PN Review Books, and Study Materials

At I CAN PUBLISHING, we provide nursing and pharmacology text books, review books and study materials for students and teachers in the nursing profession and allied health programs. Our vision is to provide methods that simplify the act of teaching and learning. Our TASK is to provide materials that allow the learner to:
T think conceptually utilizing images
A apply information to clinical situations
S synthesize large volumes of information and provide focus
K keep the complicated simple

We have spent our careers in nursing. We know what an interesting and rewarding occupation it can be. And because we wanted to make it easier for nursing students to learn and retain the most from their education, we developed a series of study materials.

These books, media and study packages are international best sellers and provide useful techniques that have been tested and utilized by thousands of nursing students since 1990 to retain the most from their training and excel on their exams. These nursing and pharmacology books and our methods have been so successful that they are often emulated by many other publishers.Look for our products at your local bookstore as well as these fine locations: Books A Million, Barnes & Noble, and Family Christian Book Store

Who should be using our books?

Our programs are designed for anyone preparing for:

  • the NCLEX-RN® Exam
  • the NCLEX-PN® Exam
  • the CGFNS® Nurse Qualifying Exam
  • Pharmacology exams
  • Exams in Nursing School

Nursing students, nursing instructors, and practicing nurses will be able to see how easy it is to grasp many complicated concepts by using our program.

What makes our program unique?

The ICAN Publishing series is the original learning program for nursing professionals utilizing mnemonics and graphics to accelerate the learning process. This format is “insanely easy!” On left pages we summarize the bottom line information about the concept. On right facing pages we present images and memory tools. We've worked on this project with love and fun because we've been both student nurses and nursing teachers. We know the scope of your undertaking.

And we truly believe that our books and materials will help you learn.

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