The I CAN Story

In 1990, we realized there were many question books on the market reviewing nursing, but even though they had the word NCLEX® in the title, there were no books evaluating the NCLEX® activities tested by the National Council of State Boards of Nursing. We needed an NCLEX® question book with a focus on the NCLEX-RN® standards to assist nursing students in preparing for the NCLEX-RN® nursing students, we published our first book, NCLEX®- 101: HOW TO PASS!

Nursing students and graduates, who we worked with both during school and in the NCLEX® reviews started requesting our teaching strategies which included images, songs, mnemonics, etc. They consistently stated these strategies stuck in their memory and helped achieve successful outcomes on exams. From these consistent testimonies, Nursing Made Insanely Easy was born!

Due to the difficulty students have in learning all of the drugs, Pharmacology Made Insanely Easy, was published in 2001. With popular requests resulting from our overwhelming success with the Pharmacology Made Insanely Easy book, evolved our Pharmacology Made Insanely Easy© workshops. This workshop has been written around the NCLEX® standards and helps students and graduates to increase confidence with answering questions evaluating pharmacology on the NCLEX®. Debuting in 2002, our workshops travel to your schools assisting you with your success on the NCLEX®.

For years, many nursing faculty asked us for a book on how to use our images to assist with linking concepts to standards resulting in better learning outcomes for students. This led to the writing of Pathways to Teaching Nursing: Keep it real, in 2006 and the Clinical Teaching Books for both faculty and students in 2011.

We have the strong belief that any one of us can accomplish anything when we are connected to our energy source. For this reason, we named our Publishing Company, I CAN. Our books are currently distributed in the USA and Internationally.

We believe our books and materials will help you learn, increase your confidence and leave you with knowing you CAN be successful. Our company name is the abbreviation for Creative Approaches to Nursing.