The Eight-Step Approach to Student Clinical Success

The Eight-Step Approach to Student Clinical Success
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Like a GPS or roadmap that guides us to our unknown destination, the insights in this book will both help you focus and provide your clinical experience with the structure you need to experience successful clinical learning. Tools and forms have been specially designed to be used as templates during clinical to assist in connecting theory to practice maximizing your success as a student. This book has been designed to assist you while you are still in clinical to prepare for the NCLEX®.

The Eight-Step Approach for Student Clinical Success chapter titles are illustrated by using the word CLINICAL:

C Clinical: How Do I Start?
L Learn How to Structure the Clinical Day
I Improve My Critical Thinking and Clinical Judgment
N Nursing Concept Map
I Interactive Strategies for Clinical Learning
C Collaborating with Multi-Generational Learners
A Assessment and Evaluation
L Linking Clinical Experience to NCLEX® Success