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Concepts Made Insanely Easy for Clinical Nursing!
This handbook is designed to assist you in the clinical setting with identifying the major nursing c..
Medical Surgical Nursing Concepts Made Insanely Easy!
  This book has been written to combine the world of medical diagnoses, the human body's syste..
NCLEX-PN® 101 - How to Pass! 2nd Edition
A question book with strategies to help students focus and THINK their way to Success! Actual nursin..
NCLEX-RN® 101 - How to Pass!
This question book provides information, study tips and hundreds of practice questions to prepare yo..
Nursing Made INSANELY Easy!
This exceptional book provides a creative and concise review of difficult nursing concepts in manage..
Pathways of Teaching Nursing: Keeping It Real!
Like a compass that guides adventures through wilderness territory, the “teach the teacher” insights..
Pharmacology Made INSANELY Easy!
They bring you the book you've been “SCREAMING” for ... Pharmacology Made Insanely Easy! With over 1..
The Eight-Step Approach to Student Clinical Success
Like a GPS or roadmap that guides us to our unknown destination, the insights in this book will both..
The Eight-Step Approach to Teaching Clinical Nursing 2nd Edition
Like a GPS or roadmap that guides us to our unknown destination, the “teach the clinical nurse educa..
We Do Not Die Alone: "Jesus is Coming to Get Me in a White Truck"
Like an escort through profound events, Marilyn Mendoza Ph.D., reports the vast experiences of nurse..