I CAN Workshops

I CAN Workshops are designed to SIMPlify compLEX concepts and nursing facts. Transforms the Way You Learn! Makes it SIMPLEX!

SIMPlifies compLEX concepts through images, mnemonics, creative strategies which assists in transferring concepts to long-term memory and links to current NCLEX® standards. You will receive exceptional tools to assist with NCLEX® SUCCESS!

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The Latest From I CAN

Introducing our new book: The Eight-Step Approach for Student Clinical Success. This book provides the focus and structure you need for successful clinical learning. A book with tools that link NCLEX® Standards to a safe clinical day and provides you with strategies for optimizing time management, step by step on how to develop a concept nursing map, and easily remembered mnemonics to structure NCLEX® Standards. 
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Lesson of
the Day

Our illustrations are great teaching tools because they make learning fun and so much easier to understand and remember. You will learn more in a few minutes when reviewing our images / strategies than you can in spending hours trying to memorize large volumes of words out of a traditional medical surgical text book. The key to your success is moving volumes of information from the short-term to the long-term memory! 
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